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Where Gastronomy and Alchemy Converge

Discover a sanctuary of flavors where the culinary arts meet a touch of alchemy. Here, under the helm of Jean-Yves, Mathieu & Melina Carattoni, you are not just a guestβ€”you’re part of an extraordinary experience.

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    A Harmonious Sip

    A well-crafted cocktail is not merely a drink, but a potion that complements your meal. Our drinks menu is designed with precision to create a harmonious dining experience.

      A Place for All

      Sophisticated yet welcoming, l’Alchimiste Bistrot is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Our doors are open to those who appreciate the sublime intricacies of food and drink.

      l'Alchimiste Bistrot
      Christou Lada 1
      105 61 Athens, Greece

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